okoIP is serious about your online privacy and security whether you are a business or an individual.

This site has been set up to help provide you with information “to help take control back of your online profile“.

At okoIP we respect the sanctity of your information and your right to keep your information in your control and are developing a range of products and services to assist you.

The proliferation of social media, along with the newly exposed PRISM program and the implementation of the US Patriot Act has fundamentally changed the way in which we and the US Government’s perceive privacy and the right to our online information.

We provide tools and education material to help you take back control of your online digital profile.

We update known security breaches that are shown in the sidebar. You can click through these to find the extent of the breach, and see the truth about what is REALLY happening out there.

Security and anonymity is a serious issue, and okoIP is here to help guide you through your individual or corporate needs. Whether that is being aware and take simple precautions and move your online assets to a data security friendly environment, or whether you want to drop off the grid, we can help.