Secure your data

Your data’s geographic location is important

Secure your data

Keep your data out of reach of nefarious parties

With the recent US Supreme Court ruling that Microsoft had to give up data that was stored on an Irish server, even though the server was managed by the European entity, read the ZDNET REPORT, attention becomes focused on how secure is your data and how can you REALLY secure it.

We have spoken of encrypting ANY data that you store in the cloud as a matter of course, however there is a real need to locate  your data in jurisdictions that take your privacy seriously. A recent report showed the top five jurisdictions for data privacy and protection. Iceland topped the list followed by Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland and Romania. has set up its servers in Iceland, a country that is more well known for its “green data centers” due to its free energy and cooling, however after the financial crisis of 2006/7, Iceland decided to look at the sanctity of data and its growing importance in a digital economy. More can be read about these initiatives here.

Security has moved from just securing your data in case of loss or corruption, but securing the sanctity and privacy of that data. Every day it seems that new legislation or proposed law is to be introduced to further erode our privacy, the most recent being David Cameron saying he wanted to do away with encryption. How do you protect your company IP, secrets, financial records, how do you secure the communications with your supplers, partners and customers; again it is important to locate and secure your data in geographically friendly countries.

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