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A BlackHole Dashboard



In essence, the Virtual Services Network (VSN) is a secure, locked-down demilitarised zone, which provides a platform and infrastructure in which to build a secure hosting environment.

What does this mean?

Unlike traditional DMZ’s where direct connect services to production machines are continually added and holes are punched in firewalls to allow access to the servers “in a secure manner”, the VSN is a self – contained environment in which access to the production servers are isolated from the DMZ. The VSN contains and executes packets for validity BEFORE passing them to the production environment.

The design of the system is highly scalable and includes all of the required functions to service the needs of the most secure conscious company or government, including reverse and forward proxy services, iConnect connectivity services, business intelligence connectivity and extraction, secure folder / file storage and is being continually added to natively.

Each component of the VSN is built in a discrete environment with only the tools required to execute the specific service. This means that should a breech occur it is contained to the specific module AND there are none of the standard hacker tools available to move beyond the contained environment.

The VSN provides the ideal environment in which to service your clients as any service or application can be added to the environment and appropriately secured.

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